OODLES.CLUB will be closing on 30th June 2019. The last day to collect points was 30th April 2019.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Oodles?

Oodles is a hotel loyalty and marketing solution aimed at the independent hotel sector. Oodles has been developed by hoteliers for hoteliers in order to provide a platform for hotels to promote themselves and attract new business directly without having to rely heavily on acquiring business through costly online travel agencies “OTA’s” that can charge up to 30% commission on bookings made.


What functionality does Oodles offer?

Oodles capitalises on the strategy of “better working together” providing a platform for independent hotels to offer a rewards scheme for guests that book directly, offering benefits to guests that book direct and a mechanism for promoting upcoming promotions and events at the hotel.


What type of membership do you offer?

Oodles offers four different membership options:

  • Club Members can sign up for FREE and start collecting points. They earn 1 point for every £1 spent. They can see basic offers and deals.
  • Platinum Members pay an annual membership which allows them to earn 2 points for every £1 spent. They have access to exclusive offers and deals offering greater value add / or discount.
  • Corporate Members can access a special Oodles Corporate rate, and collect 1 point for every £1 spent. They can also see basic offers and deals.
  • Industry Staff Member is en exclusive membership available to any employee of an Oodles Hotel. Allowing Oodles hotels to offer staff rates to industry employees. They earn 1 point for every £1 spent and in addition can see basic offers and deals.


How will the rewards scheme work?

At the heart of the platform is a loyalty solution, which rewards guests for booking directly with independent hotels across the UK.

Club members receive 1 point for every £1 spent; while Platinum members receive 2 points for every £1 spent.

Points can be redeemed for reward vouchers in the online Oodles shop. These vouchers can be for a monetary amount (£10, £25, £50) or for experience stays at hotels within the collection.


How much will it cost me to operate the rewards scheme?

Points awarded will be managed by Oodles.Club as part of the overall platform licence; and the hotel will receive a monthly rewards fund contribution charge which will cover any liabilities for any points redeemed by members in the future. The rewards fund fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of the guest’s stay and is based on their membership type and relationship to your hotel.

When a guest books direct and stays with you; they are eligible for receiving Oodles.Club points for their stay. The cost for awarding reward points will be 2.5% of the value of their stay for Club Members; and 5% for Platinum Members.

When a guest books via an OTA and stays with you; they are not eligible for receiving Oodles.Club points for their stay. However, if you convert them into an Oodles.Club member; they will be flagged as a hotel guest and therefore the cost for awarding reward points on future stays will be 2.5% of the value of their stay for Club Members; and 5% for Platinum Members.

When an Oodles.Club guest books directly or via Oodles.Club and stays with you; they are eligible for receiving Oodles.Club points for their stay. The cost for awarding reward points will be 8% of the value of their stay for Club Members; and 8% for Platinum Members.


How will the rewards voucher be issued?

Members can log into their online account to purchase their reward vouchers using their points balance to pay for the reward. The Oodles platform will automatically issue the voucher to guest by email, and a copy will also be stored in the online account of the member and can be printed at a future time.


How long will the rewards voucher be valid?

Once a rewards voucher has been issued, the voucher is valid for six months.


How does the hotel account for the voucher?

Each voucher will have a unique 16 digit code that should be entered into Oodles to verify. Once this code has been entered it will mark the voucher as redeemed.  The hotel will receive the associated value of the voucher from Oodles at the end of the financial accounting period.


What benefits do hotels have to offer Oodles members?

The main purpose of Oodles is to promote and encourage guests to book directly with hotels. Therefore if hotels currently don’t offer any benefit for booking directly; then we would request that these are introduced. Oodles does not prescribe what these benefits should be; but some examples could include:

  • 10% off Best Available Rate
  • Free bottle of house wine
  • Early Check In / Late Check Out
  • Free upgrade to superior room


Apart from managing the rewards platform; what else can Oodles do for my hotel?

Oodles is also a marketing platform; and will use the extensive membership database to support hotels by promoting a range of deals and offers to the membership on a weekly basis. Oodles will offer inspiring emails at least twice a week; either focusing on destinations or on occasions (golf, spa breaks, family breaks etc). Oodles will utilise a range of push and pull marketing techniques across all of it’s platforms and this will therefore generate traffic to the profile pages of hotels in Oodles, which in turn will direct traffic to the hotels own website.


What type of offers and deals do you require from hotels?

Firstly, Oodles is a closed membership portal and therefore any deals and offers are not in the general public domain. Today’s travellers are looking to get more from their stay, rather than just a % saving – and so we recommend to include value add offerings into your packages. Some examples are below:

  • 1 night dinner, bed and breakfast including afternoon tea
  • 2 nights bed and breakfast including a 25-minute spa treatment for two.
  • 1 night bed and breakfast including £30 to spend on food and drinks at the hotel during your stay.


How frequently should I be updating packages / deals for my hotel?

We’d recommend that you added at least one new deal or offer per month. Not only will it help your hotel to stand out, but it will allow Oodles to re-promote your hotel to it’s database more frequently if there is new news to talk about.


How are packages / deals booked?

All packages / deals should be loaded on to the Oodles platform by the hotel, and each deal should include a URL link to a separate landing page on the hotels’ website or booking engine. Oodles is not a booking engine and therefore pricing and availability should be managed via the hotels’ own website / booking engine. When you load a package/deal you must set the date range for when the offer is available to be booked.


What marketing support is included in my monthly Oodles subscription?

Your hotel will be featured on Oodles.club a multi platform publication website that is suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Each hotel has a have a profile page, which includes descriptive copy, images and video. There will also be an opportunity to include feeds from your social channels to help increase awareness and visibility of your own content.

Your hotel will be included in email communications to members, highlighting your latest deals and offers.


How frequently does Oodles send emails to its members?

Members will receive two emails per week (Monday and Friday) and will be tailored to their preferences.

Monday’s email will be focused on deal/packages featuring a round up of all the latest / best selling offers. It’s purpose will be to drive interest and bookings.

Friday’s email will be inspirational, focused on regions and lifestyle occasions. It’s purpose will be to encourage members to “get out and do more” and inspire them to think about booking.


What other marketing support is available to Oodles hotel partners?

You will be able to enhance your hotel’s visibility by sponsoring homepage and skyscraper advert banners on the website. Please speak with your Oodles account manager to discuss your requirements.


How will I know if Oodles is performing for my hotel?

Each hotel super user is given login access to the Oodles platform where they will be able to view how many times your hotel has been viewed, and how many times an offer / deal link has been clicked (referred to your website).

However, Oodles is more than just a platform – it’s a new way of helping hotels promote the benefits of booking directly. Oodles does not have it’s own booking engine, and therefore all enquires will be directed to your own website for converting.


What do you expect of hotels that join Oodles?

Hotels will get the most out of the platform if they fully engage in the program and promote awareness to their guests.

Once a hotel has joined Oodles they will receive a “starter pack” which will include point of sale marketing collateral including a pop up roller banner, reception desk sign, table talkers and Oodles business cards promoting the benefits of booking direct and getting Oodles points.

If guests have booked directly and are not members of Oodles we suggest that they are informed on check-in / check-out to join to claim Oodles points and they are briefly explained the wider benefits of the club.

If guests have not booked directly, then we suggest they are given Oodles details (business card) and informed next time to book directly so they can earn Oodles points.


How much does it cost to join Oodles.club?

There is a fixed monthly subscription of £99 (discounted to £49 for hotels that join by end June 2018) per hotel to join Oodles.club. This includes the licence for the rewards platform, hotel profile on Oodles.club and ability to upload unlimited offers/packages and events. There is also an additional rewards fund fee for issuing points during the month to cover for future redemptions by the guest. There is also an initial set up fee of £299 which covers configuration, training and point of sale collateral.


How can I generate more income from Oodles.club?

As a partner hotel you have the ability to accept reward vouchers. Oodles will use it’s reward fund to pay hotels when reward vouchers are redeemed therefore increasing revenue.

Oodles.club also rewards hotels for signing up Platinum Members – please speak to your account manager to activate.