OODLES.CLUB will be closing on 30th June 2019. The last day to collect points was 30th April 2019.
Read our statement here or our customer FAQs here

Oodles.Club Closure – Partner FAQs


Q: Can I still use the portal to upload offers?

A: You can continue to upload offers for members to view; but after 30th April members will not be able to collect points for their stays. However, as members will be logging into the portal to redeem points for vouchers – they will be looking for inspiration on where to spend those points. So keeping your profile and offers updated until 30th June 2019 will be advisable.


Q: Will I continue to get invoices from Oodles Club?

A: Your last invoice will be for points awarded in April 2019; and will be issued within the first 7 days of May 2019.


Q:  What happens to any 1% cash back earned?

A: You will still be awarded 1% cash back for any members visiting another partner hotel up to 30th April 2019. You will be awarded for these stays in your May statement.


Q: How can I communicate to members who have redeemable vouchers?

A: All communication will be sent directly from Oodles.Club to all members on the platform.


Q: How will members with vouchers still be able to book with a partner hotel?

A: There will be no changes to the procedure for booking partner hotels. Members will be re-directed to the partner hotel website to make a booking.


Q: What happens to the members we signed up?

A: At the beginning of May you will receive a digital file containing the details of all members that signed up at your hotel.


Q: Can you transfer a member to us?

A: Only members that signed up at your hotel will be provided to you.


Q: What is the impact for GDPR with this change?

A: Member communication will be maintained via Oodles.Club for the period that the platform is active. Once the platform closes, we will write to members again and inform them of the closing down procedure that is GDPR compliant.


Q: What are you saying to members regarding data privacy? Do they need to opt into our data base?

A: Only members that have signed up at your hotel will be transferred to you as part of their membership.


Q: How have you communicated to members – what have you said?

A: Members were advised on 15th April that the platform is closing on 30th April 2019; and that the last date for collecting points is the 30th April 2019.

Up to 30th April 2019 – You will be able to request points adding to your reward account for stays completed up to and including 30th April 2019 – either by the hotel reception teams or via your online account at https://www.oodles.club/contact-us/

Up to 30th June 2019 – If you have 400 points or more you will be able to redeem your points for vouchers to spend in partner hotels. You can redeem points via your online account at https://www.oodles.club/rewards-store/. All vouchers must be used by 30th June 2019.

If you have any questions – please check out our FAQ section on the website and you can also ask questions here https://www.oodles.club/contact-us/.


Q: How will you continue to communicate with members who have redeemable points?

A: An email informing members that the membership club is closing was issued on 15th April, setting out how they could redeem points before the scheme closes.


Q: What access will you have to our data?

A: Only membership data and transactional data is stored to facilitate the awarding of points and redeeming of vouchers. Any such transactional data will erased once the scheme closes later this year.


Q: When will the pre and post stay emails be stopped?

A: All emails will cease on 15th April 2019. Members will be able to manually request points via front desk on check out; or via their online account until 30th April 2019.


Q: When should we remove any point of sale collateral?

A: We would recommend that any point of sale (both online and printed) be removed at your earliest convenience and certainly no later than 30th April 2019.


Q: Who do I communicate with if there is an issue in redeeming vouchers?

A: Please send an email with all related details to: [email protected].


Q: I have forgotten my log in and there is someone at the desk asking for points.

A: Please send an email to: [email protected] providing as much detail as possible (Guest email address, total value of their stay) and we will ensure those points are added for any departures prior to 30th April 2019.


Q: What am I saying to my regular customers who are members?

A: Explain that the rewards platform Oodles.Club is ending and they have until 30th April 2019 to collect points; and until 30th June to redeem points.


Q: Do I need to do anything with my PMS access granted to Oodles.Club?

A: No points will be automatically added from 15th April 2019; so you can remove access to Oodles.Club from this date.


Q: Do I just throw out my printed point of sales?

A: Yes – please put in the recycling bin.


Q: What happens to staff rates?

A: Staff rates should be honoured until 30th June 2019.


Q: Can I continue to use the portal for my own loyalty program?

A: The Oodles.Club loyalty platform will cease on 30th June 2019. If you are looking to operate your own scheme, or technology to communicate pre and post stay please get in touch with [email protected] for a discussion about opportunities available.